Poster Submission

All participating schools are cordially invited to submit a poster for the exhibition that will be held during the EAAE General Assembly & Conference.
We are looking forward to exhibit as many posters as possible, in which the schools concisely present in short slogans and statements their school's international activity.
The exhibition aims at producing an overview of the broad scope of schools. It serves as reference for the EAAE conference : « Learning with the world . In addition, the exhibitions offers schools the opportunity to get acquainted with each other's profiles in a quick and clear way, and might be the starting point of mutual exchange and collaboration.

In order to prepare your contribution please fill-out your poster here.
Please find here the Poster of the National School of Architecture and Landscape of Bordeaux for example

The exhibition will open in the exhibition space in the Halle des Douves in Bordeaux during the EAAE conference and general assembly.
Deadline for uploading poster submission via this website: 20 August 2017