EAAE Annual Conference & General Assembly September 2017 at the Marché des douves, 4 rue des Douves in Bordeaux, France
Wednesday, 30 August 2017 – Saturday, 2 September 2017
EAAE Conference 2017 - Learning with the world.

EAAE Conference

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the EAAE proposes to share and discuss the teaching and research activities that European schools have developed with partners beyond Europe's borders, and in particular in developing countries. These experiences are evidence of a new vision of international relations in which students and teachers take on the challenge of more responsible development with respect to local social and environmental contexts, in the spirit of reciprocity and whether at home or “over there”.
Through examples and testimonials, we wish to reveal the wealth of experiences and to analyse how they are progressively changing architectural practice.
Additionally taking advantage of the tenth anniversary of the listing of Bordeaux's historic centre as a World Heritage site, the EAAE will explore how European schools of architecture have contributed to preserving UNESCO Heritage urban ensembles.

EAAE General Assembly

on September 1st, 2017


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